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5 Necessities You Will have to By no means Disregard To Pack When Travelling to a Heat Nation

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali Tour – Mount Bromo Malang is one of the mandatory tourist destinations in Indonesia. The splendor of Bromo is not only recognized by local tourists, but also thousands of foreign tourists  who flock there to enjoy the Bromo sunrise. Not surprisingly, the Indonesian government later named Mount Bromo Malang as one of the 10 new Balis in the country.

Even though it is already popular throughout the country, a trip to Mount Bromo Malang requires its own preparation. Apart from its location which is quite far from the center of the crowd, its natural conditions should not be underestimated. So that your vacation to Bromo goes smoothly, there are at least 5 things you need to pay attention to when planning a trip there.

Routes and access to Mount Bromo
The Mount Bromo area is located in 4 regencies, namely Malang, Probolinggi, Pasuruan, and Lumajang. Of these three areas, there are 3 routes that are usually taken by tourists to get to Mount Bromo, which are as follows:

Surabaya – Tongas Probolinggo – Sukapura – Cemoro Lawang – Bromo
Surabaya – Pasuruan – Tosari – Wonokitri – Bromo
Malang – Tumpang – Gubuglakah – Ngadas – Jemplang – Bromo
The easiest route to take is via Pasuruan and Probolinggo, while the route via Malang provides a more beautiful view. Even so, the terrain along the Malang route is quite challenging with steep climbs and narrow roads. Reconsider the safety aspect, especially if you drive without a driver or guide. Or just take a shortcut by using the services of a tour operator so you don’t have to think about traveling.

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Travel time and lodging
The distance of Mount Bromo from the three starting points of this trip ranges from 60-80 km. That is, it takes about 2-3 hours of road trips if you stay in one of these cities. In order for you to see the sunrise at Penanjakan 1, it means you have to get there around 4:00. Automatically, you have to leave early in the morning from the hotel.

If you don’t want to leave early in the morning, you can stay at a homestay on the slopes of Bromo. That way, the trip to Penanjakan 1 can be reached in just 30 minutes. But keep in mind that the facilities at this homestay are rather limited.

Clothes worn
When visiting Mount Bromo Malang to see the sunrise, you definitely have to prepare thick clothes to stay warm. But what is often forgotten is that after sunrise, the weather at Mount Bromo is quite hot considering its location at an altitude. So, you should also wear clothes that absorb sweat and sunglasses or a hat to protect yourself from the hot sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen too.

Choose a place to see the sunrise
Penanjakan 1 is indeed the most popular spot to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo. Consequently, this place is often crowded with tourists, even since 3.00 am, to get the best spot. In fact, the beauty of the Bromo sunrise can not only be enjoyed from here. Besides Penanjakan 1, there are also several other Bromo sunrise spots that you can visit. Some of them are Peak Penanjakan, Bukit Kingkong, Pos Dingklik, and Bukit Cinta.

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Arrangement of the itinerary
The cold weather of Mount Bromo often makes us not sweat. Even so, that doesn’t mean you don’t put out a lot of energy when visiting there. You have to go uphill, take a car with a path that is not smooth, until you wake up early in the morning to get a vacation experience in Bromo. Therefore, don’t force yourself to include a lot of schedules when you go on vacation there. If necessary, dedicate a full day just to enjoy Mount Bromo.


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