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3 Tactics to Turn into Your Yard Space

How do you store your make-up products and other cosmetics? Especially if you have a lot of products, your bathroom or bedroom can quickly become very full. Fortunately, there are many ways to organize your products. And not only for at home, but also when you go out or on a trip, for example. Sorting is very useful if you have many different products, read more about these topics in this blog.

Storage at home

You can use cosmetic jars to store your products. These are a kind of jars where you can store beauty products. For example, consider a homemade cream or balm. Is it a liquid product? Then use a pipette dropper, which you can also label and take with you conveniently. To keep everything in order at home, you can use a beauty case or a desk with special drawers to store your products. Use a divider for drawers so that everything is nicely separated. Before you store anything, it is wise to thoroughly clean your products, such as your brushes.


To take your products with you, it is useful to buy a good storage bag. The size of the bag depends on how many products you want to take with you. A small pouch is convenient for a cream, lip balm or lipstick. Are you going away for several days and do you want to take all your make-up and beauty products with you? Then choose a beauty case, where you can store your products. Most vanity cases have sorted compartments and, for example, elastic bands to put your brushes in, so they don’t change position. Do you want to take your products with you on a trip and are you going by plane? Then you can take a limited number of liquid products with you. These products must be stored in a sealable plastic bag, often you can take a maximum of 1 liter with you. Each product may be a maximum of 100 milliliters.

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To sort

You can use storage boxes or bags to sort your beauty products. When it comes to sorting on your desk, for example, you can put your brushes in a mug so that they are all together. Sort your eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and eye pencils by color or by size.


There are many ways to store your cosmetic products. If you sort everything properly and store it in a handy way, you will see that you can easily find everything and take it with you.